Year 7 and 8 maths textbooks


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The most engaging Year 7 and 8 maths textbooks on the planet!

Build skills, confidence and deep mathematical thought with hundreds of hands-on games, puzzles and rich activities designed to engage and challenge any learner.

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Designed to make teaching and learning maths a joy, these books go beyond repetitive fluency problems and engage learners in novel activities where they can creatively apply what they’ve learned, make connections between content and truly work like a mathematician.

Every lesson begins with a reasoning prompt (math talk) to generate rich mathematical discussion. Hundreds of hands-on games and unique challenges help build social capacity as students work in teams, share ideas, resolve conflict and learn to communicate clearly.

Write-in books save students countless hours re-writing every question and help teachers quickly locate student work. The inside front cover gives teachers a quick overview of how students are doing with each topic and self-grading tests for every major content area make marking a breeze.

Proudly made in Australia.
Each textbook contains 11 write-in booklets + the Maths Mate review program at the relevant year level.
Aligned with the 2023 Australian curriculum.

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