Broken Calculator



How would you write 15 + 8 on a calculator if the 8 was broken? What about 18 X 3?

Learning to work flexibly with number is such an important skill that we’ve dedicated an entire workbook to it. By removing buttons on the calculator students are forced to think creatively, utilise prior knowledge and justify their reasoning as they explain their solutions.

This set of problems is scaffolded to help your learners notice different ways numbers and equations can be represented.

After completing these problems students should be able to:

  • Identify easier ways to write problems
  • Split numbers into parts when adding or subtracting
  • Identify factors and multiples of numbers when multiplying or dividing
  • Understand how to balance an equation with inverse operations
  • Use algebriac principles like +2 and -2 to maintain equivalence
  • This product is a print license for one classroom.