Teacher PD

Think Square PD is designed to re-energise mathematics teachers with engaging activities, creative pedagogy and hands-on games. Email: andrew@thinksquare.com.au to learn more

Benefits for Teachers

Engagement: Increased level of engagement for learners of all abilities.

Enjoyment: Develop a culture where maths is seen as an enjoyable pursuit.

Pedagogy: Improve strategies for delivering content and getting students to practise skills.

Creativity: Greater willingness to try new things, take risks and share ideas.

High impact teaching: Learn to run hands-on games and activities that utilise effective teaching practise.

Student Workshops

Think Square student workshops are designed to show students how enjoyable mathematics can be. With engaging games and activities to build skills, confidence and mathematical thinking.

Benefits for Students

Courage: Develop a growth mindset by treating mathematics as a creative endeavour where risk taking and mistakes are celebrated.

Challenging: Unpack problems so students can dive in wherever they are at regardless of ability.

Curiosity: Learn to ask questions and play with maths.

Collaboration: Develop a culture of peer to peer teaching, where students share ideas, explain their thinking and work together to solve challenging problems.

Mathematical thinking: Learn to think logically to solve problem, justify your thinking and ask why you chose a particular strategy.

To enquire about an unforgettable mathematics experience for your students email andrew@thinksquare.com.au

Frequently asked questions

Which year levels do you work with?
Our PD can target teachers and students from F-10. We specialise in working with Grades 4-8.

Can your PD be applied to my curriculum?
Yes, we endeavour to demonstrate best practise teaching methods that can be applied to any mathematics curriculum.

How long does your PD run for?
Our workshops range in length from 90 minutes to a full day.