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Teacher PD

Think Square PD is designed to re-energise mathematics teachers with engaging activities, creative pedagogy and hands-on games. Email: andrew@thinksquare.com.au to learn more

Benefits for Teachers

Engagement: Increased level of engagement for learners of all abilities.

Enjoyment: Develop a culture where maths is seen as an enjoyable pursuit.

Pedagogy: Improve strategies for delivering content and getting students to practise skills.

Creativity: Greater willingness to try new things, take risks and share ideas.

High impact teaching: Learn to run hands-on games and activities that utilise effective teaching practise.

What teachers are saying
“I couldn’t sleep after the workshop, my mind was buzzing with ideas all night. That hasn’t happened in a long time”
-Participant, Trinity College
“Fantastic! Very engaging and practical tools to use in the classroom.”
-Participant, Maths Pathways Conference workshop
“We are so grateful for your time and expertise. The whole school has been abuzz about how much the students enjoyed your sessions and the activities and the staff love your Think Square games. We love how generous you are with your creative ideas.”
-Rebecca, High Ability leader
“We were glad to have you and were all gobsmacked at what a passionate, intelligent and generous presenter you are. The teachers used the Think Square kits yesterday in Maths and were blown away by how engaged and challenged the kids were.”
-Participant, Chairo Christian School
“Our school was blown away and really inspired with your presentation yesterday. We are already gathered in the steps at school talking about it!! Can’t wait to get all of the kids going and feeling the inspiration we all felt classroom.”
-Jill, workshop participant
“That was the best PD I have been to in a decade. For real. Your enthusiasm and excitement about maths has really lit a spark with our staff. We loved the session. The year 6 team is keen for maths today and that is great step forward in a subject that lacks a high profile in our school currently.”
-Participant, BioLab workshop
“Our group of teachers walked away from the day very inspired and can’t wait to put a lot of the games and activities into action. We’ve already put the calculator mat idea into action and the kids love it.”
-Participant, Roslyn Park Primary School
“Loved seeing the games in action and seeing other ways to engage kids in maths. The day was entertaining, engaging, fun and I know that I took lots away from it.”
-Participant, Torquay Coast Primary school
“So many engaging activities.”
-Participant, Conference workshop

Student Workshops

Think Square student workshops are designed to show students how enjoyable mathematics can be. With engaging games and activities to build skills, confidence and mathematical thinking.

Benefits for Students

Courage: Develop a growth mindset by treating mathematics as a creative endeavour where risk taking and mistakes are celebrated.

Challenging: Unpack problems so students can dive in wherever they are at regardless of ability.

Curiosity: Learn to ask questions and play with maths.

Collaboration: Develop a culture of peer to peer teaching, where students share ideas, explain their thinking and work together to solve challenging problems.

Mathematical thinking: Learn to think logically to solve problem, justify your thinking and ask why you chose a particular strategy.

What students are saying

We’ve asked over 1500 students from more than 80 schools to describe their experience of our maths workshops in three words. The following word cloud is made up of the most common responses. The bigger a word, the more often it was used.

To enquire about an unforgettable mathematics experience for your students email andrew@thinksquare.com.au

Hands-on maths competitions

Our one of a kind hands-on maths competition is an unforgettable experience for up to 100 students. Teams of four will test their creativity playing unique hands-on games, complete challenging tasks, meet new people, attempt mind bending puzzles and compete for amazing prizes.

The day is structured for teachers to enjoy too, with a scoring system designed so you spend very little time checking answers and grading solutions. Teachers can even join in, and often do, as they don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Frequently asked questions

Which year levels do you work with?
Our PD can target teachers and students from F-10. We specialise in working with Grades 4-8.

Can your PD be applied to my curriculum?
Yes, we endeavour to demonstrate best practise teaching methods that can be applied to any mathematics curriculum.

How long does your PD run for?
Our workshops range in length from 90 minutes to a full day.