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Want to build skills and confidence in your learners?

Designed for intentional fun, the Think Square online games suite will help your learners master multiplication, develop proportional reasoning, learn mathematical vocabulary, work flexibly with numbers and improve their problem solving strategies.

Adaptive games and puzzles ensure learners feel safe and can find a challenge just right for them.

The beta version is now available at a significantly reduced price. It provides access to the full suite of online games and any updates for 12 months.

Up to 30 accounts | $100
31-60 accounts | $200
61-120 accounts | $300
120-240 accounts | $400
241-500 accounts | $500

NOTE: After purchase it may take up to 48 hours for your account to be activated. You will be contacted via the email you made the purchase with. For more information contact

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Up to 30 accounts, 31-60 accounts, 61-120 accounts, 120-240 accounts, 240 – 500 accounts