MY HAM (Middle Years High Achieving Mathematicians) program



Are you the parent of a high-achieving middle-years mathematician (Grade 5-9) who is often bored in class?

Are you a high-ability maths leader or parent who wants to provide interesting problems that will truly engage and challenge your learners?

MY HAM is a 5-month program designed to provide a joyful mathematical experience which will encourage your learners to think creatively, take risks and apply their mathematical knowledge to solve novel and engaging problems.

This program is designed for high-achieving Grade 5-9 students. To qualify, you must be able to solve these two problems.

How does it work?

Each week high-achieving students/school leaders will be emailed an interesting problem, video, challenge or game.

Each month participants will be posted a unique mathematical resource to enjoy, play with or be tortured by!

Four hands-on webinars will give students the opportunity to work with Andrew Lorimer-Derham in person and meet like-minded mathematicians to play games and tackle rich mathematical challenges.

This program will run from Feb 25 – Jul 28, 2024. A detailed schedule can be found in the image gallery.

Who is the presenter?

Andrew helps provide enjoyable mathematical challenges to any leaner. He is one of Australia’s most prolific mathematical puzzle writers with works published in journals, textbooks, apps and COSMOS magazine.

Andrew regularly works with some of the highest performing schools in the country. He has created hundreds of unique games and resources to engage mathematicians of any ability.

Andrew founded Think Square to spread intentional fun into maths classrooms all over the world. He is passionate about developing creative and joyful problem solvers.

What do you get?

For $800 individuals/families will receive:

  • 22 engaging weekly mathematical challenges
  • Over $350 of mathematical goodies (posted monthly within Aus – international participants and schools will get one big package at the beginning of the program)
  • 4× hands-on webinars
  • 6-months access to Think Square online maths games suite

For $1500 schools/high-ability leaders will get all of the above, plus can:

  • Send up to 4-students to each webinar
  • Provide 4 students with access to the Think Square online games suite
  • Share weekly challenges with all their high-achieving students.
  • Use digital resources within their high-ability program

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