Andrew gets as excited about maths as you do when putting on a new pair of socks! Mathematics should be a playful experience, full of joy, wonder and curiosity. Andrew’s passion is to help people develop the skills and confidence to enjoy maths for all it’s worth.


Founder of Think Square, Mirrogram and Skillhouettes, Andrew is forever inventing new and unique ways to remove the fears and barriers people have about maths. His creative ideas have been featured on LightFM, The Age, Onya and COSMOS magazines and his magic clothing line has been spotted on every continent.


Maths is anything but boring and Andrew takes great pleasure in demonstrating this. With magic tricks, engaging games and thought-provoking problems he’ll have you on the vertex of your seat!

Andrew’s approach to teaching makes maths accessible to learners of all abilities. It could be a grade prep turning down watching ‘Ice Age’ to complete one of his puzzles, a remedial maths student knocking on his door to request algebra problems, or a group of Year 12 students practising times tables with him after their last day of school!


Andrew is not afraid to do things differently, whether that’s teaching algebra by playing tug-of-war, designing mirror reflective clothing or teaching networks by taking groups of students to every train station in Melbourne in 24 hours.


Andrew has taught in a variety of government and independent schools from Primary through to Tertiary. He understands the constraints of the education system, yet lives by the motto, “Don’t let curriculum get in the way of good teaching!”

Andrew’s courage will inspire you to try new things, see possibilities and think outside the box as you shape the next generation of mathematicians.

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