Algebra algebraic expressions Inverse Operations

Players roll both dice and operations to undo algebraic expressions in their Bingo Grid.


data collection probability

Players choose animals with different abilities and race against each other on a short running track.

Bid Wars

fractions probability ratios

Mine and bid for precious resources before they run out.

Billionaire or Bust

Moving the decimal place place value Powers of ten

Become a billionaire and send your opponent bust by moving the decimal point in your favour.

Bridge to 200

addition & subtraction strategies Location and Transformation working backward

Flip, rotate and travel across pentominoes, adding or subtracting the terminal values to reach 200

Ca$hed up

Financial mathematics percentage probability

Players race to earn $100 by secretly selecting actions (invest, steal, tax, bank…) Will you play the percentages or risk it for the biscuit?

Cartesian Battleship

linear graphing pythagoras

Players move ships strategically, in an attempt to sink each other’s Battleship in the Cartesian Ocean.

Code Breakers

create patterns describe patterns identify patterns

Players create, describe and discover patterns as either the ‘code maker’ or ‘code breaker’.

Concept Crossword

making connections Mind mapping topic review

Players create a crossword to demonstrate their understanding of connections between concepts.

Fact Finder

Location and Transformation Number facts Problem solving

Flip, rotate and place pentominoes on a hundred chart to correctly answer mathematical statements.

Generate Challenge

Flick 4

Addition facts Division facts Multiplication facts

Flick two numbers and use their product to place a tile on the playing grid. The first player to connect four tiles in a row wins the game.

Fraction See-Saw

comparing fractions understanding levers

Compare fractions as you place tiles on the see-saw, trying to keep it balanced.

Fraction Towers

counting up by and simplifying fractions

Try not to topple the tower, as you count up and simplify the fractions you are building with.

Gold Diggers

place value programming strategy

Dig what you can out of the mine, before other greedy gold diggers get there first.

Guess the Number

creative thinking mathematical vocabulary

Players ask unique “yes/no” questions to narrow down and find their opponents number, shape, angle, time, etc.


estimation place value units of measurement

Players estimate and bet on fun-facts in a race to score 20 points.

Highs and Lows

if/then logic strategy

Players predict their opponents moves and strategically use their numbers (1–20) to end up with the highest score.

Humans vs Aliens

Addition facts Multiplication facts strategy

Save the world from Alien invasion by creating human colonies and teleporting to safety.

Inverse Bingo

Inverse Operations pre-algebra

Players roll a six-sided dice and set of operations (+, −, ×, ÷) then cross off the inverse of what has been rolled from their Bingo grid.

Last piece

Location and Transformation Logic spatial awareness

Strategically place Pentominoes so that you are the last player to place a piece on the board

Longest Line

Addition facts Multiplication facts recall

Create the longest line by being the first to recall multiplication or addition facts.

Number Knockout

bodmas working backward

Using random numbers, players form equations to knock out all the numbers from 0–20.

Number Path (Addition and Subtraction)

addition and subtraction facts addition and subtraction strategies

Players select numbers to try and create a connected path from one side of the board to the other.

Number path (Factors and Muiltiples)

Divison Factors Multiples

Players select factors or multiples of their opponents previous turn to try and create a connected path from one side of the board to the other.


creative thinking vocabulary word association

Use creative thinking and word association to reveal your teams secret path across the board.

Create Pathfinder Key


describing direction Location and Transformation

Flip, rotate, reflect and move pentominoes to fit as many as you can into the grid. Highest score wins the game.


Area Location and Transformation Shape

Race against opponents, or the clock to create pictures out of rubber bands. Find the area of your masterpiece by breaking it into shapes you already know about.

Piggy in the middle

ordering numbers place value

Draw and rearrange cards to form a number that’s in the middle of your opponents.


Area Perimeter working backward

Players strategically place rectangles on the board, rolling dice to determine the area or perimeter of the next shape.

Round the outside

Location and Transformation Perimeter strategy

Players work toward a goal perimeter by placing pentominoes on the board. Make sure you put down the last piece to win.

Sheriffs and Baddies

addition recognising number subitising

Work quickly to count taxes catch the baddie.

Space Commander

Coding describing direction programming rotation and transformation

Guide your ships through the galaxy to collect the most gems.

Speedy Shoppers

Adding decimals Networks strategy

Grab your items before someone else and race to the checkout.

Spell It (with pentominoes)

rotation and transformation Spelling

Flip, rotate and get creative to spell words with pentominoes.

Generate Word

Switch, Snitch & Steal

Logic Memory strategy

Become a thief or detective as you attempt to outsmart your opponents with deception, logic and observation?


multiplying and dividing by powers of ten place value

Chase after your opponent by selecting actions which move the decimal place up and down until you land on the same number.

Ten Thousand

addition carrying working backward

Players select random integers to create a four digit number. The resulting numbers are added together with each team aiming to be as close to 10,000 as possible.

The One

adding and comparing fractions

Players take and trade fractions, working their way toward the “The One”.

Twelve piece puzzles

Location and Transformation Logic spatial awareness

Can you arrange the 12 pentominoes to solve the puzzles?