What is Think Square?

Think Square is the ultimate teaching and learning tool; a unique suite of educational games played on a transparent overlay. Build mathematical skills and confidence with strategy games to get students thinking out loud.

Countless hours of enjoyment await!

Caters for Every Learner Icon

Caters for Every Learner

Whatever your learning preference, we’ve got you covered. Kinesthetic, social, visual, individual, auditory, logical and more.

Engage learners of any ability with open questions and challenge activities.

Made for Teaching Icon

Made for Teaching

Built classroom tough and compatible with existing class resources. Multi-use game components provide flexibility, with write-on wipe-off boards and pieces.

Intentionally fun; each game provides a clear learning focus and video tutorial, freeing you to focus on what matters most.

Succeed Together Icon

Succeed Together

Learners build a shared understanding by teaching each other and working together toward a common goal.

Develop confidence through cooperation and achievement.

The Educator’s Swiss Army Knife

Replace over $1,000 of games and educational resources for a fraction of the cost.

Learn Happy

Build skills and confidence through play. Reflect on and refine your thinking as you discuss strategy, analyse moves and plan your next turn.

Have a great idea you want to share with the world?

Bring your ideas to life on this dynamic learning tool. We provide the canvas for your creative ideas.